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Williams Maintenance Solutions

We look forward to working with you!

Williams Maintenance Solutions is a sole proprietorship owned by Mary Williams. The company commenced operation in August of 2009. It is a multi-dimensional maintenance services business.

The company offers a variety of maintenance services such as landscaping, heating and air, snow removal, parking lot and driveway sealing and striping, welding, carpentry, painting and other services. (A complete list of services is listed elsewhere on our site.) Williams Maintenance Solutions operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The company is licensed and insured.

Located in Petersburg, Virginia, Williams Maintenance Solutions is approximately 30 minutes south of Richmond. We are 20 minutes from Fort Lee and 2.5 hours from Fort Belvoir, Va. Virginia ranked #2 for business and careers in 2010 by Forbes. For the previous 4 years Virginia was ranked #1. CNBC concurs in their annual survey that Virginia is the 2nd best state in which to do business. Richmond is ranked as #50 for leading business capitals in the nation.

We differ from other maintenance companies because we are not limited to one area of expertise. Having started in August of 2009, during a recession period, we formulated a plan to offer a variety of services so as to not limit our growth potential. We have found it very appealing to our customers to be able to service a variety of needs. Instead of our customers having to make several phone calls or requests to different companies for various services, they can make one call to us to take care of many maintenance issues. For example, if a residential customer is adding on to their house we can provide carpentry, painting, heating and air and electrical work all in one service. The same benefits are enjoyed by our commercial/industrial customers as well. This saves all our customers time and money.

To have a competitive edge in our market we have lower service rates than many other companies in our area. The standard hourly rate for local service companies is $89-$99.00 per hour. Our hourly rate for a maintenance crew is $72.00 per hour. Also, we work with local wholesalers to guarantee our customers the best prices available for supplies. Williams Maintenance Solutions also enjoys giving back to our community by working with local business for many of our supply needs. We are the only 24 hour business in our locale to offer a variety of services. Quick response makes us reliable and a first choice of contact for our customers.

Please contact us to make arrangements for a bid!
Mary Williams, Owner  (804) 712-7938           
     Ricky Williams, Field Specialist  (804) 712-3782
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