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Williams Maintenance Solutions

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A list of our rates as of August 2010
Labor Rates:

  • Maintenance Crew
$72.00 per hour (includes service vehicle)
  • Maintenance Technician
$40.00 per hour
  • Helper/Apprentice
$20.00 per hour
  • Working Foreman
$50.00 per hour

The standard maintenance crew is one technician, one helper/apprentice and one service vehicle. Certain service call work will only require one maintenance technician with a service vehicle. We request that a working foreman be on site when the number of workers is four or more.

Our standard charges apply Monday through Friday; 7:00am – 3:30pm (may vary according to customer’s needs). All hours outside of the standard time frame, or over eight hours in a day, shall be charged at a rate of one and a half times our regular rate. Saturday hours are billable at one and a half times our regular rate. Sunday hours are billable at two times our regular rate. All hours worked on holidays shall be charged at two times our regular rate for the first eight hours. Shift differential shall be 10% on evening shift and 20% on midnight shift.

Hand and small tools shall be provided at no cost. If necessary to rent large tools/equipment the rental charge shall be approved in advance by your firm.

***Licensed and Insured

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